Bedtime Math and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve

Math is not my strong suit.  I was always overwhelmed with story problems and almost didn’t graduate from college because of Algebra II (wow, it feels good to get that off my chest).  I do not want the same for my daughter.  So imagine my sadness when, at the tender age of 7, she does not like math.  Luckily, I had an opportunity to review Bedtime Math.  Turns out, my daughter not only is good at math, but enjoys it!  I am so grateful to Bedtime Math for creating such an engaging resource!

This week, I started a new series at Mommy on the Spot called Rochester Review.  I recently moved to Rochester so I will be reviewing all the great things in the city.  This week I talk about Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve.

Also, I just joined Tumblr.  Please swing on by and say hi since I don’t know a lot of people there.

Have a great weekend!



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One thought on “Bedtime Math and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve

  1. I just discovered Bedtime Math as well! What a delightfully, engaging introduction to math for kids. I’m so glad you found out your daughter actually loves math when it is introduced well. You might also want to swing by my site. I write weekly posts for activities for grandparents to do with their grandchildren and am on a math kick now. This week’s was What Is the Chance You’ll Get a Red M&M?

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