My Thoughts on BlogHer13, Lean In, and August

I recently attended BlogHer13 and had an amazing time!  I learned a lot about blogging and social media, which was to be expected from one of the largest blogging conferences.  But I also learned a lot about how to empower myself thanks to Sheryl Sandberg’s keynote speaker and participating in a Lean In Circle.

I am also in disbelief that is August.  August has always been synonymous with anxiety whether I was a students in grade school, going to college, or teaching junior high.  I wrote about August and anxiety at the Detroit News MichMoms blog.

And because July was a blur, I am going to make the most of August.  Be sure to add anything fun and exciting that you are doing in August on Twitter under #MakeAugustAwesome.


Also, I am now on Tumblr.  I’m really new there and sort of feeling like the new kid at school so feel free to stop on by!

Have a great day!

Lean In at BlogHer13


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