Weekly Roundup: Motto for 2013, Yoga, My New Job

Happy 2013!  I hope that everyone had a great holiday and is now settling into the new year!

I decided to not make any resolutions this year and just create an all-encompassing motto that I wrote about at Mommy on the Spot.  I was inspired by Liz at Flourish in Progress and her motto.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, then stop what you are doing and do so.  She is incredible!

I also made the big announcement at Mommy on the Spot that I am no longer a full-time stay-at-home mom.  I am now teaching Social Media Strategy for Business at a business college for one night a week!  I am so excited that I will be combining my teaching background with my passion for blogging, writing, and social media!  However, I am a little bit nervous about how this is going to effect our family routine.  I write about my mash up of emotions at the Detroit News MichMoms post.

A midst the flurry of this exciting new venture, my post about how the triangle post has helped me to become a better mom is featured over at My Life Yoga.  I cannot tell you how exciting it is that this post found its way to this web site!

Have a great week!


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