Weekly Roundup: Being a Grownup, Halloween, and Politics

This week I wrote about an array of subjects, including the heartaches of becoming a grownup, my secret feelings for Halloween, and thoughts on talking to kids about politics.

At Mommy on the Spot, I wrote about how I was completely moved by Emma Donoghue’s book Room and how I interpreted the story as an achingly beautiful metaphor for growing up.

At the Detroit News MichMoms blog, I posted my secret confession that Halloween is my least favorite holiday.  I am trying to turn this around (thanks to a boost by Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village’s Hallowe’en Night), but for all those that have an affinity for the spooktacular holiday, I ask for advice on how to find my Halloween groove.

At Macomb Patch, I wrote about how I am becoming frustrated with the outrageous political rants I see on my Facebook feed.  Instead of stewing about it, I decided to put a positive spin on it, and use this opportunity to talk to my kids about how an election works.  Kelley DiPucchio’s book Grace for President gives wonderful examples on how the election process works.

Hope you had a great week!


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