Weekly Roundup: Thoughts on Both Kids in School, My Wedding, and a Thirty-One Giveaway

I have roundup my most recent posts around the internet for you!

I did an In Photos post about my wonderful lunch with Ricki Lake at Local 4 News.

My son started nursery school, so I wrote him a letter to him telling him how I know he is going to have so much fun!

I also did a Thirty-One Giveaway with Brandy from Brandy Nicole Photography.  I wrote about it here, and I announced the winner here.  As a bonus, I included photos of my wedding.

Why would I inclcude photos from my wedding that post?  Because the day before, I wrote about my feelings about my wedding day as I attended my cousin’s wedding in which my daughter was the flower girl.

I also wrote a difficult post about the power of words as I am trying to navigate through a personal problem and refuse to be bullied.

In the meantime, I wrote about this new chapter with both kids in school.  True, my youngest is only in nursery school, but, WOW, do I get a lot done in those four hours a week!

In response to that post, I wrote about that the needs of these little babes are changing, I will always be needed as their mother.

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